5 Volumizing Products to Add to Your Routine NOW

We’ve started noticing a direct correlation between our mood and how voluminous our hair is on any given day. Bouncy, happy locks? We’re suddenly chipper and cheerful – the world is a beautiful place! Limp, lifeless strands? We’ve never been more morose. Given these inarguable scientific findings, we’ve decided that it would be in our best interest to have full, lifted locks at all times – for our sake and those around us. When it comes to va-va-volume, it’s all about the product, so we asked some of the top names in the industry for their top volumizing picks. Read on and see if your favorite made the list.
best volumizing hair products
The Pick: Redken Guts 10 Volume Spray FoamThe Praise: Editorial hair stylist Isabella Vazquez swears by this volumizing foam: “I like products that are ‘comb-able’ and have complete memory to their hold. This spray foam volumizer does just that and gives flexible, all-over volume. [Expect] lots and lots of fullness…best of all it’s as light as a feather!” She recommends spraying it at your roots after washing your hair and combing through. “Take a round brush and blowdry in the opposite direction of how you would normally blowdry; once your locks are dry, tease your roots with the cushion of your fingers and watch the volume grow!”
The Pick: L’Oréal Paris EveryStyle Texture Series Beach SprayThe Praise: For windswept, textured volume, celebrity makeup artist Tiffany Hall Scarmana counts this beach spray as her go-to. “It’s great for adding texture and volume to any hair type. Spray at your roots or lightly throughout the hair to give a tousled look to any style.”
The Pick: Kérastase Couture Styling Lift VertigeThe Praise: Professional hairstylist and Kérastase Artistic Design Director Nina Dimachkiloves the unique gel-serum formula of this volumizing product. “It glides through the hair perfectly without ever becoming sticky or crunchy,” she says. “It’s strong enough for the thickest locks and still gentle on finer textures.” Added bonus – she recommends this product for men or women with short hair to create modern pompadours!
The Pick: Oscar Blandi Volumizing Spray
The Praise: “This product is very lightweight, so it’s easy to blowdry but delivers ridiculous hold and full hair results” says NYC-based professional hair colorist Kyle White. He praises the weightless volume it delivers without leaving a tacky finish or heaviness to the hair. “I love the fresh scent and [the spray formula] makes it easy to distribute evenly!”
The Pick: Pureology Root Lift Spray Hair MousseThe Praise: When it comes to crunch-free lift, celebrity hairstyle Ruth Roche reaches for this volumizing mousse. “You can spray it directly where you need it, rather than applying it into your hands first. Usually volume comes from your roots, so that’s where you’ll need the most help,” she says. “Plus, its mousse-consistency keeps it from running, making it stay where you want it to!”

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