6 hair care products to use after your shower

Did I tell you that we finally have a working shower back and streaming at home?
I was a bit sad to say goodbye to my weekly salon wash and blow-dries but not so sad to say goodbye to running the bath in the madness that constitutes mornings around these parts.
It’s also meant getting re-acquainted with my hair care routine.

Two products might have been on high rotation during the three-plus months we were sans shower – dry shampoo and volume powder – but apart from that I’d got extremely lazy with any other styling or care products.

With this admission coming from a girl who embraces all things lazy-girl in the beauty department, you may just get an inkling as to just how bad the situation had become.
If I were my hair I would have given up on me in disgust.

Now maybe you’re just a shampoo and conditioner girl and leave it at that. Maybe that’s all your hair needs to concern itself with.

Maybe your hair needs way more attention that even what I’m going to prescribe(and given I don’t have curls, that’s a fair bet for some of you).

Wherever your hair is at I’d like you to have a look at these six products* that I’ve moved into the Hair-Robe section of my Lady Room. Maybe one or more of them will will fill a gap in your Hair-Robe too?

These products are all about the stages AFTER washing, whether that’s on towel-dried hair or three-days-since-I-could-be-bothered-washing-my-hair hair.

Not every step is compulsory but these hair care products just might offer the missing solution your hair was crying out for.
6 after-shower hair products

Scalp treatment

Treating the scalp is not new but treating the scalp with the aim to improve future hair growth is the premise behind the new Kerastase Initialiste Advanced Scalp and Hair Concentrate ($68). The formula protects at a stem-cell level to optimise your hair’s health and growth at the point of where it actually grows. For my thick hair it’s a case of adding about four squirts to your palms and then distributing to the scalp after I’ve washed and towel-dried it and then continuing to style as normal. I had been concerned that in making my hair super lush that it would aggravate the psoriasis on my scalp. This hasn’t proved the case. The psoriasis is still there but no more than usual. Try it at your nearest Kerastase salon.

Smooth styler

So I’ve treated my scalp but I want to get the hair all prepped and happy for some super styling. This new Pantene Smooth Straight Styling Treatment Foam ($9.99) is part of a collection of three products but this is the one I love using most (there’s a Soft Curls complementing collection too). It sets up my hair for blow-drying to achieve my everyday straight style, all the while conditioning the hair. Sneaky Supermarket purchase (SSP).

Thermal protector

If you blow dry and/or style your hair with a styling iron then my giddy aunt I really do hope you’re using a thermal protector. The reason? Using heat stylers is not optimum for our hair health; it’s just optimum for great looking hair. Schwarzkopf Taft Guardian Angel Straightening Iron Spray ($6.99) has your protection covered, offering heat protection up to 220 degrees and a gorgeous shine finish. Sneaky Supermarket Purchase (SSP).

Shine spray

You can never have too much hair shine I say. Well, maybe you can if said shine is reminiscent of your pubescent years when shine was never subtle and never-ever your hair or face friend. Shine in can? Yep, that shine very much works for me as a finishing style touch. Fudge Head Shine ($19.95) is a dry sheen/shimmer that you spray on your styled hair to keep frizzies at bay while offering up a dose of UV protection on the side. Available at Priceline and Hairhouse Warehouse.

Volume dust

Volume dust is not dry shampoo (see below for dry shampoo talk). What it is though is your super hair helper. A few shakes of the sticky dust and a little massage into the scalp will have your hair looking anything but limp. Great for thin hair. Great for a blowdry that had volume at 9am but has fallen flat by the time you’re heading out after work. There are plenty on the market but it’s no wonderSchwarzkopf Extra Care Instant Volume Powder ($8.99) won its category in theProduct of the Year awards this year. It’s value for money and works. Sneaky Supermarket Purchase (SSP).

Dry shampoo

We go through a lot of dry shampoo around here. Miss SY is a big fan and I often find her poaching from my supply. Won’t let her near this one though. I love it and it’s all mine. L’Oreal Professionnel Tecni.art Fresh Dust ($25) employs absorbant microfibres in its formulation to soak up oil and grease from your scalp and hair … giving the lazy-beauty girls among us the opportunity to skip a shampoo or three. It’s a translucent formula so good for all hair colours. Where it differs from the volume dust above is that it won’t give you the same kind of stick and lift – and it will brush out. Available at Price Attack and all L’Oreal Professionnel salons.

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