The Best Curly Hair Products to Enhance and Maintain Curls

The best products for curly hair help lock-in beautiful waves that require little maintenance or styling.
For those looking for the best curly hair products, consider shampoo, conditioners and styling tools designed specifically to maintain bounce and silkiness without leaving your style drab or brittle.
Curls come in two types - ones we want to enhance and hold and ones we want to straighten, level or control.  Shampoo for curly hair uses proteins, Panthenol and botanical extracts that restructure protein bonds created by amino acids.  These bonds can be broken and "re-positioned" through chemical reaction, heat and specific shampoos and conditioners.
While many cleansers are formulated to provide adequate cleansing and conditioning, those developed to maintain curls provide active ingredients such as rice, corn or wheat proteins to penetrate the shaft.  These "actives" can either gently coat the follicle shaft for for improved shine or penetrate to the cortex and root for increased strength and holding power.
Maintaining waves - tight or large - is a function of strength.  While hairsprays, mousse and gels work very well for controlling design, humidity, heat and environmental factors work to break-down connections in the follicle shaft.  Using conditioners and shampoos designed to strengthen and provide soft, but lasting hold can greatly improve appearance, while adding shine and luster that may be stripped during chemical treatments or excessive heat from styling.
Products with Chamomile, Aloe and Hydrolyzed Keratin and collagen have been shown effective for maintaining curl strength without weigh down your style - especially useful for longer locks.  Gentle surfactants protect and help avoid damage and botanical extracts not only help your hair grow faster, they promote renewed growth for exceptional curly, soft hold.
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