Tips for oily hair
  • If your hair is dry at the ends and oily at the top then condition your hair first and then shampoo it.It will leave you hair soft and not oily.
  • Don't tie your hair too tight. Always tie it up in a loose bun or braid. This will help your hair look less greasy.
  • It's better to comb wet hair instead of brushing it.
  • If you do straighten your hair everyday then make sure you use protection for straightening.
  • Readers have suggested that Neutrogena T/Gel shampoo for greasy hair is really effective, as it removes excess oil but be careful to use it sparingly as it can make hair dry overtime. Baby powder is a quick fix between shampooings (see steps).
  • Eat healthy foods.
  • Make sure you only put a right amount of shampoo. Do not put too much as this can make your hair oily.
  • Keep your hair tied up at night when you sleep. You don't want your hair rubbing against all the excess oils on your pillow.
  • Don't touch it too much and don't wash it everyday, it makes it greasier, and less healthy (this doesn't mean you can't shower; just tie your hair up!).
  • To make hair appear shinier, readers have suggested such brands as Garnier Fructis, GARDIR, Joico, L'oreal or Frederick Fekkai. Be careful with drugstore serum or creme products though because of an ingredient called silicone. Try to steer clear away from silicone because it actually makes hair heavy and weighs it down contributing to hair loss.
  • Change your pillowcase every time you shower to limit the amount of oils on your pillow and your hair.
  • If your hair gets really greasy, tie it up in a bun and wear a bandanna.
  • Try to protect your hair from extreme heat or cold.
  • Always go to hairdressers when cutting/ trimming hair. This will be to make sure you don't cut somewhere you're not supposed to, and so that the ends your hair are all completely level.
  • Use shampoos with low acids, too strong and they could make it greasy and cause dandruff.
  • Don't use shampoos made specifically for making your hair smoother/silky, that will make it worse!
  • Straightening curly hair without a heat protector can do lots of damage. Be careful how much and how hot you straighten your hair!
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