Vivi Laser Comb : the best hair loss solution

ViviComb. What is it?Modern technology Hair Loss Cure! In short, it is a laser comb whose action is based on stopping hair loss, stimulating hair growth and increasing hair density. ViviComb uses( LOW LEVEL LASER THERAPY ) LLLT technology, which for years has been used in professional clinics, and now for the first time has become available for everybody. The laser used in the device stimulates hair follicles to accelerate their growth. New hair is thick, dense and healthy. Clinical studies have shown that the laser comb’s effectiveness equals 90%. Moreover American Food & Drug Administration acknowledged ViviComb’s effectiveness as an anti hair loss cure device.Simply use the comb for 8 minutes 3-4 times a week. The device is fully safe and causes no side effects. It is especially effective in the case of hereditary baldness and as such is the best alternative to hair transplant surgery.

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