La Roche-Posay Effaclar H Review

Hey everyone,

So I bought this moisturizer from La Roche Posay like a week ago .

I ve been looking for a moisturizer to use after my acne treatment , i ve been on differin gel and it has dried my oily skin a lot, so i ve heard good reviews about this product and went to purchase it . 

On the website, it says that Effaclar H 

moisturizer: “provides skin with the essential 

lipids it needs, helping to build up the skin’s 

natural barrier against external aggressions. 

Ceramide 5 reinforces the skin’s hydrolipidic 

film, while Bisabolol soothes irritation and 


Having a terrible skin that's red and peeling , 

i thought this is the one , and i was really 

really disappointed .

First of all let's talk about the pros :

Effaclar H is a light , creamy consistency 

which i found really good for my oily skin .

it's absorbed really fast , the scent is a light 

fresh scent which is great for people with

sensitive skin .

Now let's talk about the cons :

After 3 days of  use my skin started to get 

a lot of breakouts ,so i went to see the 

ingredients ( yeah i know i should' ve done 

that before buying the product , put the 

blame on my cat :D)

There putting  in this moisturizer 


 highly comedogenic, and that's what causes 

the breakout .

Im really disappointed about this product like

why would someone put something highly 

comedogenic in a product meant for people 

with acne prone skin?  this is insane .

So if you have oily\combination  acne 

prone skin and u'r looking for a moisturizer

stay away from effaclar H it'll make ur face 

full of zits.

Would i buy it again : Of  course yes when i'm in hell burning and no longer care about my face :D

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