How To Prevent Weave Hair Loss

By Shawn Hunter

It is vital to take good care of your tresses, especially when adding weaves in for greater volume and length. Weave hair loss is an issue that can and often does occur. In fact, this problem is actually quite common. Luckily, good self care can help you avoid it.

Make sure that you are using an experienced stylist. The wrong professional may be using the wrong techniques for putting your weaves in and taking them back out. You also want to make sure that your provider is giving you good advice for ongoing care. Too much moisture and a failure to have your style regularly updated can lead to the development of fungal infections on the scalp that can cause strands to start falling out.

Your provider should also be familiar in working with your type of hair texture. There are some products that could prove too heavy for you. Certain braiding techniques may be too tight and too harsh and these are often used so that weaves can be sewn in. If you have braids that have created itchy, red bumps along your hairline, this is likely the cause of your loss.

While you might want to maintain the same look all of the time, it is important to give your scalp a break. You cannot use these products for lengthening and thickening the hair all of the time without experiencing some of the drawbacks that they have to entail. Taking them out to let the scalp breath and reduce overall stress is absolutely essential. People who use these product continuously regularly deal with thinning.

Make sure to spend a few days wearing your own strands in a loose bun with lots of conditioner. You do not want to put any stress on these, particularly around the forehead area or just above the neck. This is how hairlines start to recede.

After strands start falling out, many women try to hide it by simply putting new weave in so that they never wind up wearing their own natural locks. This is not a beneficial decision and it can have consequences that are surprisingly long-lasting. It will ultimately result in additional loss.

Talk to your stylists about the different ways that you can be coiffed. There may be equally appealing strategies that put far less stress on your own, natural strands. For instance, you might want to wear a wig for several weeks. This will allow your scalp to replenish natural oils and moisture while giving the tresses a break.

It is also a good idea to see if there are alternative ways to have your weave installed. Glue based methods could be better for you if you have been having your weaves sewn in for quite some time. Changing things around is a great way to limit the amount of stress that your scalp and your strands are subjected to. Even though these products can significantly improve both your appearance and your confidence, you should take a break from them if they are affecting the health of your own natural hair.

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