Tips On How To Get Thick African American Hair

By Shawn Hunter

Black hair can be difficult to care for and to manage on a daily basis, which can get frustrating at times. Growing long, thick locks can sometimes be a challenge but the following tips on how to get thick African American hair can help with making progress when it comes to growing and thickening overall. It may take a little time to see the results, but the results will definitely come with commitment and persistence to better care.

You should try massaging castor oil into your scalp on a daily basis. Many women swear by its ability to help with growth and quality of locks. You could also add it to your regular conditioner, and over time you will see how well it is nourishing your scalp and strands. Massaging the the scalp is highly recommended in any case because it promotes good blood circulation.

Another good product for your head is a protein conditioner, which works specifically to improve strand quality when used one to two times per week. Not only does it thicken the shaft, it also helps prevent breakage as a result. On top of a good regular conditioner, it's important to deep condition ever so often for overall strengthening. Preventing protein loss can be done by using coconut oil as well.

As difficult as it may be for some women to go for the chop, in the long run cutting off any thin or split ends will help locks look fabulous overall. Regular trimming of the ends will help for an overall bouncier, fuller look. Along with regular trimming, other ways should be found to style hair instead of using heated appliances that can cause breaking and further damage.

In order to maintain good hair health, relax only new growth instead of reapplying relaxer to already relaxed length. That is if relaxer is a must. Additionally, it's a good idea to try and stretch the use of relaxer. That means instead of relaxing every 8 weeks, stretching the length of time to 10 or 12 weeks will help overall.

Instead of using electrical appliances with heat to style, experimenting with braids ad other protective styles, roller setting and wrapping can go a long way in the improvement of the overall appearance of African American locks. Furthermore, taking extra care when it come to dyeing will help. Over-the-counter products contain harsh chemicals that will cause damage and loss overall. Henna is a much better option that actually works as a conditioner to thicken as well.

Taking vitamins and other supplements as part of a balanced routine and diet will be of great help. Certain supplements are known for their properties to help encourage growth and make locks thicker over time. These include biotin, MSM, iron and also vitamin D, which can all be found in capsule or powder form and are very affordable.

Finally, you need to eat properly in order to maintain good head health and growth. Certain foods will really make a difference in the way your locks look. For example, consuming fatty foods will help to add all the shine you need, so don't leave them out.

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