Important Knowledge On Hair Thinning From Weave

By Kenya England

Convenient low maintenance hairstyles such as weaves have become prominent in modern days. This is largely because the fast pace at which life moves demands that less time be spent on things like hair-dos. But the advent of these hairstyles has also brought on an onslaught of conditions such as hair thinning from weave.

This is situation that women face whether they get these hairstyles done at home or in a professional salon. Sometimes it is a matter of the technique that is used but at other times it is triggered by the quality of the products that are used or the manner in which the style is maintained. It is a problem that has been discussed on many fashion blogs and cosmetic forums.

The methods used to install the weave may lead to strand loss or thinning. Some weaves are installed using a sewing method. Using this method a special needle and thread are used to attach the wefts of locks to rows of corn rows. These corn rows themselves can put immense pressure on the strand shaft if they are done too tightly. Additionally, the stitches may be too tight, pulling the strands from their roots. Removal of the sewed in weaves is done by cutting the thread and during this removal process strands and follicles may be lost or damaged.

Another method for installing weaves is the use of glue. The adhesive is applied to cornrows and the wefts are then attached. Sometimes the glue is difficult to remove and in removing it the strands of hair are also puled away from the root. This often happens at the sides of the hairline as it is at these locations that hair tends to be weakest.

Bacterial infections are common with tight weaves, which occur with both sew-ins as well as glue-ins. If the braids that are used as the foundation for the style are too tight they may break the skin at the hairline or in other areas of the scalp. When the broken skin is infiltrated by dirt or bacteria infection results. This infection, if not treated can lead to permanent thinning or balding.

One of the reasons that women's hair gets thin when they wear this style is the methods they use to maintain the hairstyle. Some women attempt to lengthen the life of their weaves and this is something that all cosmetic experts warn against as it causes follicle damage and strand loss. Experts advised that the typical weave should be removed after twelve weeks and do not recommend extending its life beyond this time.

There is yet another culprit behind these balding or thinning locks condition. This culprit is allergic reactions. Many wearers of the convenient style do not realize that they may be allergic to the glue or the synthetic material in the tresses. They sometimes do not notice or ignore the signs of an allergic reaction until it spirals out of control and does severe damage to the follicles and scalp.

Not everyone's weave-triggered balding or thinning condition is permanent. Some people will regain their locks as strands grow to replace the lost ones over time. But for others, conditions such as traction alopecia take root in their scalp leading them to seek the help of professionals such as trichologists and dermatologists.

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