Tips On How To Get Thick African American Hair

By Kenya England

Just a few decades ago, tightly curled hair was something that was associated with shame. This led to the popularity of straightening methods such as the application of heat or perming. Women of African decent are not showing more appreciation for their hair and are becoming more bold in how they adorn and style their curls. This has driven a quest by many of these women and their stylists for tips on how to get thick African American hair.

For many women, the main thing that they do to thicken their hair is to treat it. They use specially combined mixtures of nutritional solutions to support the health of the existing follicles and trigger new growth. The treatment mixtures are allowed to remain on the head for a minimum of thirty minutes in order for the follicles to absorb the nutrients.

One popular ingredient for these deep treatments is Aloe Vera. This plant is known globally for its many health benefits that range from internal support for the body as well as skin and hair health. The inside part of the plant is removed and rubbed onto the head with attention being paid to the scalp and the strands. It is then allowed to stay there for about thirty minutes before it is rinsed off.

In addition to Aloe Vera natural hair enthusiasts use coconut oil to promote thicker, stronger curly locks. This oil is taken from the nut that grows on the coconut tree and like many other oils derived by similar means is linked with many health benefits. For lock thickening purposes coconut oil is preferred in its rawest, purest state.

A time tested Jamaican remedy is among the solutions used by natural sisters. It is known as Castor oil and it is extracted from the seeds of the Castor beans. Castor oil has, for centuries, been used by women to stop and reverse balding or thinning and to restore strand thickness and health. Castor oil is often used as a part of a blended mixture with sesame and coconut oil being the other ingredients.

Some natural sisters look to an old Jamaican remedy, Castor oil for the health of their curly locks. This ancient oil, which is extracted from the seeds of the Castor bean plant, is known for its ability to improve the health of each strand and follicle. It is also associated with the reduction and elimination of balding and thinning. Often, this oil is blended with other oils such as coconut oil and sesame oil.

These women also pay attention to the nutrients in their body with a view to improving the health and thickness of their curly tresses. They focus on improving their intake of nutrients such as folic acid which is known for its ability to promote cell division and multiplication. It is not difficult to see how this nutrient can help the locks which, essentially are made up of cells, to multiply.

Styling methods are also tailored to promote thickness in natural locks. Protective styling techniques are known for their promotion of healthy growth. This is because the curls undergo less stress since they are untouched for a while. In addition to protective styling, natural sisters lean on styles that are achieved with limited manipulation of the hair.

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